Asheraf Joseph

This is a question that gets asked a lot, so I wanted to give a recruiters’ perspective on how you should approach this issue.

Before we start. If you’re currently in your ‘gap’ and it’s related to the pandemic — then please, don’t worry. Employers are fully aware of the…

This app has been really been doing the rounds lately. Everyone’s been talking about it.

I didn’t pay too much attention, at first. I mean, I spend most of my days speaking on the phone. And, when I log off for the evening I’m pretty slumped. …

We’ve all heard it. The number one advice given when you’re going for an interview.

“Make sure you communicate your points clearly!”

But, not a lot of people actually tell you how to do this.

Being more on the introverted side myself, I always found this an extremely tough skill…

Welcome back to part 2 of ‘How do I prepare for a video interview?’

As promised, today I’m going to blast through a bunch of ideas that a lot of people overlook whilst preparing for a video interview. Today you’ll find hints and tips that are so easy to get…

Asheraf Joseph

Talent Acquisition, Career-Coaching.

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